The Impact of Knowledge Management on Innovation in Academic Libraries


  • McKayla Goddard



Innovation, Knowledge Management, Academic Libraries, Literature Review


In an ever-changing environment, innovation is a key concern for nearly every organization, including libraries. Innovation is not necessarily spontaneous; in fact, workplace factors including knowledge preservation and management can have both positive and negative impacts on the innovativeness of organizations. But how can knowledge management translate into innovation? What kind of knowledge do knowledge management systems capture? And most importantly, why should academic libraries care? This paper aims to assess the impact of knowledge management tools on innovation within an academic library context and highlight areas of further research. Based on the literature reviewed, common findings include that an effective KM system supports innovation and learning within organizations, and that there are several variables within the framework of KM which can increase the effectiveness of the KM system. These variables include the use of KM tools for staff and customers alike, cooperative and supportive management attitudes, and the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to codify and share knowledge between institutions.




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Goddard, M. (2020). The Impact of Knowledge Management on Innovation in Academic Libraries. Pathfinder: A Canadian Journal for Information Science Students and Early Career Professionals, 1(2), 72–81.



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