Co-Created and Student-led Teaching Materials

The FOODWAYS Research Project


  • Dellannia Segreti University of Toronto Mississauga



Digital Humanities, Student-led, Capstone Research, Co-created Research, Undergraduate Research, Undergraduate Teaching Resource


Undergraduate students' research experience is important as it allows them to gain the necessary skills required for future opportunities. Affording students various opportunities to work with faculty on research during their undergraduate degree provides a rich learning opportunity. This paper advocates for student and faculty partnerships at the undergraduate level, where students and faculty work collaboratively. ITA235, Cucina Italiana: Italian History and Culture Through Food (University of Toronto Mississauga) acts as a model for student-led research, which includes a large component of student and faculty collaboration. The FOODWAYS project is a teaching resource currently being developed, and is housed within the course as an Experiential Learning (EL) opportunity. Through participating in the FOODWAYS research project, students have exposure to various digital humanities research methods and work in partnership with faculty and graduate student researchers to broaden their research skill set.




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Segreti, D. (2023). Co-Created and Student-led Teaching Materials: The FOODWAYS Research Project. Pathfinder: A Canadian Journal for Information Science Students and Early Career Professionals, 4(1), 201–205.



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