The Role of Special Collections in Climate Change Movements


  • Danielle Deschamps University of Alberta
  • Michaela Morrow University of Alberta



climate change, special collections, social movements, climate crisis, environmental movements


This presentation examines the role that special collections can play in documenting climate change literature over the course of history. We chose to focus on artist books in particular due to their unique trait as a format found almost exclusively within special collections libraries. We connect artist books to other collections within Bruce Peel Special Collections to create a narrative of climate change across cultures, time, and social movements. This narrative focuses on the past, present, and future of climate change, showcasing how special collections libraries provide new perspectives on how we should view the role we have to play in climate change. We believe the creation of this narrative shows how collecting literature and archives is an active form of combatting climate misinformation. In particular, we believe connecting this narrative through artist books is a way to challenge dominant narratives due to the role of artist books in counterculture and alternate ways of viewing knowledge.




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Deschamps, D., & Morrow, M. (2023). The Role of Special Collections in Climate Change Movements. Pathfinder: A Canadian Journal for Information Science Students and Early Career Professionals, 4(1), 216–222.



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