Editor In Chief


For the past three years, I have had the incredible honor of overseeing Pathfinder's transformation from an inkling to a small but established journal. The project's success can be wholly attributed to the hard work and dedication of many colleagues, contributors, collaborators, and supporters, all of whom have my eternal thanks. I have learned a great deal from the experience and know that the important work of carving out space to engage with the ambition and innovation of those beginning their journeys in the LIS field will only continue to grow more critical for our practice.

It is my pleasure to announce that Ashley Huot will be leading Pathfinder’s contribution to this endeavor for the 2021/22 publication cycle and onwards as Editor-in-Chief. I am stepping down from the role.  

Ashley served formally as an Associate Editor for the 2020/2021 publication cycle and is thrilled to continue to support the further growth of Pathfinder. She is an early-career LIS professional, currently a Humanities Liaison Librarian at the University of Manitoba’s Architecture/Fine Arts Library. She weaves her background in social justice work with her librarianship, drawing on her experience in community development, community arts, and educational programming. Her own research interests lie in education and pedagogy, open pedagogy, and prison libraries. She further supports the LIS community through her work with the Manitoba Library Association’s Prison Libraries Committee and her role on the U of A SLIS Alumni Association executive.

I will be working together with Ashely to ensure that the transition process will be a smooth and successful one. I am so proud of all we accomplished and have no doubt that the journal will continue these successes in the future.

If I can be of any assistance to those interested in starting a journal or my experience as Pathfinder’s editor-in-chief, please don’t hesitate to connect via LinkedIn or by email at eballant@ualberta.ca

With my thanks and sincere best wishes,

Erin Ballantyne